Vinson Massif - Altitude 4,897m/16,067ft Duration 20 Days - Grade 2C

The Ellsworth Mountains are so remote and isolated that if they did not contain the highest mountain in the continent, they would have only been visited by a handful of intrepid explorers. Antarctica is the world's last great wilderness and remains virtually completely undeveloped and unpopulated due to the hostility of its climate. It is a land of extremes and epitomises the very idea of remoteness, harshness and isolation.

But it is also extremely beautiful and those who are drawn by Antarctica's mystique can be richly rewarded with experiences and panoramas powerful enough to alter a person's whole perspective. In the early days of its exploration, it was a forcing ground for bravery and endurance. Such qualities are synonymous with Antarctica's explorers, like Scott, Amundsen, Shackleton and Oates. Even now, apart from a few scientific research bases, Antarctica would remain the domain of such people were it not for Vinson Massif.


The whole expedition will cost £100,000 so we plan to match this cost and raise £100,000 for Cancer Research.

With charities it is not only the fundraising that is important! Raising awareness, heightening charity profile and commitment from corporate sponsors and individuals is another vital piece in the charity jigsaw puzzle.

It is safe to say that everyone in their life will have been touched by cancer in some way, therefore support to Cancer Research is imperative.

Firstly donating to Just Giving will make a difference but costs of the expedition are also required.

We need sponsors to cover the cost of the expedition so most of our time can be spent fund-raising for the charity.

A maximum of 2 sponsors will be required for each mountain as this will enable us to focus all our advertising and Media exposure to include both these sponsors.

Sponsors will also be on our new website and all printed advertising regarding our Expedition. On top of this website addresses and logos will be sewn into garments worn on the climb, and most importantly your company logo and name will be captured with Steven at the summit of the mountain..

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The Climb

Vinson is a technically straightforward climb with a few steep 40 degree sections of snow climbing. In recent years, expeditions have enjoyed a good success rate and over 200 people have now climbed it. As an expedition experience, climbing Vinson can be likened to the top 10,000ft of a major 8,000 metre Himalayan peak, with the cold and commitment but without the altitude.

From Base Camp on the Branscomb Glacier, we follow the glacier easily to a headwall two hours from Camp 1. Steeper climbing through this leads to the col between Vinson and Mount Shinn, a prominent mountain on the north. We set up high camp on the large plateau of the col. The summit day is long, starting up a long valley, heading south away from the top camp. At the head of the valley stands the summit pyramid of Vinson.

The final slope to the summit can be climbed from the left or right, the former being easier but longer. Our expeditions usually take the right-hand slope, which is steeper but gives quicker access to the top and allows the left-hand ridge to be followed in descent, thereby completing a traverse of the mountain.


The climb of Vinson offers little technical difficulty beyond the usual hazards of travel in Antarctica, and as one of the Seven Summits, it has received much attention from well-funded climbers in recent years. Between 1985 and 2000 Adventure Network International, the only private guide to Vinson Massif, brought over 450 climbers to the summit. Several companies now guide clients up Vinson Massif

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